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The Joy of Relationship Cards

Authors: Bonney Meyer R.N. & John Grey, Ph.D.

64 full color cards and accompanying 160 page book

$39.95 (+ shipping)

This remarkable deck of cards and book acts like a wise friend and gifted coach. Printed under the title The Joy of Relationship Cards - A Guide to Clarity & Fulfillment, the cards and book will interactively coach you on the key ingredients for a healthy, happy relationship.

They answer your deepest questions about love and help you move through challenges. This is a powerful self-help tool that mixes practical guidance with fun and entertainment.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus author John Gray says "This deck is a powerful tool to expand your joy and happiness in relationships. Use it not only to address problems, but to bring more magic and heart alive."

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Becoming Soulmates

Authors: Bonney (Grey) Meyer, RN and John Grey, Ph.D.

211 pages, illustrated

$19.95 (+shipping)

Couples who stay happy have the tools to keep love and good feelings alive, even through the tests of time. They know how to work through relationship problems — and do so in a way that doesn't take them downhill. You need to have the right tools to succeed in love.

The book provides clear tools to deal with the traps all couples get stuck in, to communicate well, handle difficult feelings and build a positive shared vision.

"A friendly source of guidance and wisdom, to help you have the relationship you truly want."
~ John Welwood, Ph.D., Author of Journey of the Heart

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