“We all come into life with inherent talents, lessons and a unique purpose. It is up to us to develop our talents, learn our lessons and discover our purpose. These life tasks go a long way in helping us answer the age-old questions… “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
This is
the Great Adventure of Life.”
~Bonney Meyer

Bonney Meyer, R.N. and Life Skills Universal are pleased to present essential training in life-enhancing skills for individuals, couples, teens and children. Bonney, a teacher, mentor, healer, author, dancer and intuitive counselor, has combined her education, life experience and knowledge to empower her clients and students in the following areas:

Bonney, who worked as a Registered Nurse for two decades in all facets of medicine, takes a mind-body approach to life and healing by exploring the answers to the above mentioned questions with skills that she has gleaned from a variety of wisdom traditions, both ancient and modern. The skills that she teaches and shares with us are universal and easy to learn. These skills can enhance every aspect of your life:

When we say Yes! to Life, we say yes to All of life. Everything is embraced as an opportunity. Each challenge we face, each problem, issue, or crisis, as well as all good fortune, supports growth and change - every emotion becomes a doorway to our humanity and feeling more alive.

 If you are someone who wishes to Embrace Life as a Great Adventure and Experience Your Journey to the Fullest – Please read further...